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We went for lunch, my wife, Hazel, our friend and me Babs. We went to a bar for lunch and started with a bottle of wine with the girls, led me to juice ornage. He drank the bottle before the start also came, so ordered another bottle. At the same time, served as main course, they were on their third bottle. Changed after the meal, the girls in his usual drink vodka famouspornstars and coke and by the time they are finished, they were well and truly stuck. I took famouspornstars it home and Hazel dropped onto the couch. Babs entered the kithchen a glass of water to arrive. I told the girl, I would do to the terrace, sunbathing topless, bottomless and said that if Hazel was coming, which would bring the sunscreen and put on my back for me. , I undressed, I pulled the goggles tan from the sun and lay on the thin mattress on the floor. After about 5 minutes in the sun, I heard through the door Hazel. has rightzel, famouspornstars I told her to undress and come and be with me, but before bedtime lotion. I heard that the clothes would be taken and reach the tiles and poured cream on my back. His hands on my shoulders and began slow and sensual movements by my backand on my buttocks. His hands slid between my legs, gently pushing aside and rubs the lotion on my soldiers. This had the desired effect, since I have a huge erection. He swung his legs and my feet. So I told him I liked the back done, you can famouspornstars now deal with me. She put her hands and began to work, this time a little faster to get off my back, my cock sore. She massaged it, as I didn'tcome there and then I do not know. I said it was a waste, why not get on board. I had to say it twice. It was and began to bounce up and down on it. Not a word was spoken, but now I could hear his breadting. I could feel it coming, and of course I could feel. I was starting to come when he leaned forward and caught my attention. I could not believe it, this was not generally Hazel was Babs. I used to be the point of no return and was the sperm that has already begun to flow. The two famouspornstars were united, and they pounced on me. Today, Hazel does not know what happened. But Babs and I did it several times.
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